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What is Upppor ?

Primarily Upppor is an instant screenshot upload and sharing Service for Windows!

But Upppor does more than that!


  • Upload files from the context menu.
  • Creates copies of your screenshots.
  • Up to 100 MB space free of charge.
  • Creates unique and short URL for sharing.
  • Copies URL to the clipboard for instant sharing.
  • Secure authentication.
  • 256 Bit AES tunnel with RSA key exchange.
  • Integrated designer.
  • Upppor is the best solution, to share small files like pdfs, texts, codes, images and small zip files.

    Follow up the tutorial below to get you started!

    Create an Account and activate it by clicking the link in the email


    Enter your Email address and password

    and click on save

    key bindings

    Choose your personal key bindings

    customize upppor

    Customize Upppor

    capture tool

    Capture your image

    capture tool

    Share it

    history upppor

    Watch your uploaded files

    upppor designer

    Add your style


    Contact me at zicore-at-gmx-dot-de